Property Management

The K.R.E.G. Leasing Story

Awarded 5-Star Service by Orange Coast Magazine for six consecutive years, Kurt Galitski and his team are the go-to guys in property management. Kurt started K.R.E.G Leasing when he discovered a serious problem in the management industry…customer service. Unfortunately, in referring his clients to other companies over the years, he began to notice a trend. Most of these clients were coming back to him asking for his help in managing their properties because they were very dissatisfied with the service they were being provided.At the same time, Kurt was a property investor himself and he too was dealing with the headache of vacant units that were not being properly marketed or were mismanaged. Tired of the chaos, he took to creating the best, customer-service oriented leasing team in the business.

The K.R.E.G. Leasing Way

The basic proposition of our business is simple: we communicate. Our customer service, professionalism, and experience are obsolete without communication and this is what Kurt and his team value with the utmost importance.We are in the business to create long-lasting relationships. Our goal is to attract and retain clients who, after experiencing the K.R.E.G. Leasing way of doing business, will be excited to refer their friends and family. With K.R.E.G. Leasing, you will always be treated as a client and not a number.We invite you to read the information in this package to give you a good idea of our business philosophy, our guarantees, our marketing strategy, and our full compliment of management related services.

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Management Company

There are a number of things to think about when renting out your home. How am I going to advertise my home for rent? How am I going to qualify tenants? What notices am legally required to give my tenants? Who will handle emergency repair calls? As a professional property management company, K.R.E.G. Leasing is your answer to all these questions and more. At K.R.E.G. Leasing we:

  • Market your home through syndication on the internet reaching 200+ sites, through virtual tours, in print ads, on flyers, on the MLS, through toll-free tracking numbers with a personalized, recorded property commercial, and via our large database of pre-qualified tenants.
  • Show your property to prospective, pre-qualified, tenants.Screen applicants for credit, income, employment verification, and criminal history.
  • Prepare lease agreement and provide legally required notices.
  • Collect and hold security deposits in our trust account.
  • Conduct move-in/move-out inspections.
  • Collect rent and distribute to owner.
  • Distribute legal notices such as 3-day and rules violation notices.
  • Hire and supervise maintenance people and contractors.
  • And, when your tenant does eventually decide to leave, we can start the whole process over again for you.

Questions? Call us at 877-957-6677.